I usually don't have many opinions and I usually don't respond to people's messages to tell them mine. But here's a couple just because I feel like writing them SOMEWHERE

It's EITHER Ninety-nine Red Balloons OR Neun und Neunzig Luftballons. IT IS NOT Ninety-nine Luft Balloons!!! And Listen Up MTV... LUFT DOES NOT MEAN RED!!!  http://nena.com  ... still touring in '99 .... this one has bugged me for years ... pretty trivial huh?

Subjects I am tired of seeing:

bulletShafties can't wheelie
bulletCounter-steering doesn't exist
bulletLoud pipes saves lives
bulletHelmets break necks
bulletWhy won't they wave  (see below for a special rant on that)

Tired of messages that have a one sentence response but nothing quoted as to what the response it to. They mean nothing.

Me Too's.

Two pages quoted, 5 words in response.

I make a pot of coffee, I'm waiting for it to finish, someone stands there and moves the pot so they can fill up their cup from the coffee that still coming out of the machine. They can't wait?!?! They don't know that throws of the balance of the rest of the pot? The pot that I was making? They take it from the beginning and the rest of the pot is weaker or they take near the end and the rest of the pot is stronger. JUST WAIT FOUR MINUTES!!!

Specific rants about spam:
I can't believe the SPAMMERS that send you SPAM and TELL you to use a specific email program (one that reads html) to read their SPAM.

I can't believe (actually I believe all of these) a SPAMMER that tries to justify their SPAM by saying they do so "to preserve valuable natural resources such as forests and oil." Then go on to say how "valuable" their info is and even though they'll remove you from their list (yeah right) that you'll still get SPAM from thousands of sources. AKA Might as well accept our SPAM because you'll get SPAMMED ANYWAY (at least they're telling you the truth about that part).

In fact, I have to copy the whole thing here:
E-mail based commercial communication avoids unnecessary spending on catalogs and paper, and helps to preserve valuable natural resources such as forests and oil. We do not wish to share our valuable information about whirligigs with those who are not interested. Should you not wish to receive information from us in the future, please click Remove.

Even though our database cleansing might be subject to delay or error, we will remove your e-mail address permanently from our database. However, please realize that removal from our database does not guarantee that your e-mail address will be deleted from the many other e-mail marketers who construct databases themselves by harvesting from web sites, or by buying any of the thousands of lists of e-mail addresses that are openly for sale
on the internet.

So what do I do about spammers? I run my own mail server so I get to do my own filtering and such. Even with all the SPAM I do get, there's a ton more that I never see. The majority is stopped by the SpamCop service that my server checks against. Stuff that I have to my own filters manually get the full treatment. I filter the product, the server hosting images, the server hosting html... You have something to do with me getting the SPAM, you get filtered... From me and anyone else using my server. In fact, here's a list of domain names I have in my own filter and the email address of root for their machine. I'm sure they don't mind SPAM. This filter doesn't even include address filters, subject filters and phrase filters.


Rant on "Motorcyclist" waving:

I hear (read) people whining now and then about people not waving back as they pass you on a motorcycle. This is for you:

Hi. I don't know you. I probably have never met you. There's a good chance I will never meet you. I probably have as much in common with you as I do with a stranger driving a mini-van. I own a mini-van. I don't wave at other people driving mini-vans either. "What about the comradery between bikers?" some clueless newbie might ask. Go back to the top and start reading again. I'd probably be put away in a huggy jacket if I started waving to every mini-van driver out there, why should it be "expected" on a motorcycle. And if you ARE someone I know while going 70MPH in the opposite direction of you going the same speed... well I think that's 140 MPH total and chances are that if I recognized you it'd be too late to wave. Besides, if I DO know you, we'll meet up later, right? If I don't know you... get a thicker skin. Go ahead and blame me for not acknowledging your presence and boosting your self esteem by me making you feel like you "belong". If you need that type of morale boost then you probably need to buy a Porsche... or a dog. Think of me as an asshole of you want, but just act like an adult and deal with it and don't complain to me because all you'll be doing is showing your insecurities. You'll find plenty of people that will wave back. Go to a rally... lots of people to wave to... you'll probably notice however that after a while that NO ONE waves at anyone... the novelty runs out after a hundred or so in an hour.

And yes, I stop for broken down bikes.

I could go on and on, but I would "really" start ranting and will become incomprehensible.


And now for something completely different...

That stupid statement; "It takes 44 muscles to frown, but only 4 to smile" or some such rot. That must be my so many smiling people look like slack jawed simpletons. Their faces get no exercise.




That's all, I never said there'd be a lot. Maybe I'll add more if something bugs me.


Where did you want to be today?

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